Dr. Christine Vitale

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Psychologist and Performance Coach

As a psychotherapist in various settings including a community mental health center, a day treatment facility, a psychiatric hospital, and a college counseling center, I have counseled individuals from all walks of life. I received my doctorate in counseling psychology with a specialization in performance/sport psychology from Boston University in 2009 and I am a licensed psychologist to practice in Massachusetts.

My specialty has been to transfer the mind-based methods for optimal performance that work well for athletes to musicians. Being trained and licensed as a Counseling Psychologist and having a background in music has given me a unique and strong position of expertise. My strategies are based on research and applied techniques from sport psychology, positive psychology, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. 

Besides conducting therapy and performing, I also enjoy teaching positive psychology courses. My Psychology of Flourishing course at Mass College of Art has been a staple of the liberal arts department since 2008.