Episode 3: Strengths

This episode is all about strengths. As musicians we are not exactly used to talking about the positives in our playing. We are much more versed in noting and fixing what’s wrong. While practicing certainly requires to notice and fix mistakes, I am suggesting to try paying more attention to what’s going well during practice and in performance.


These are the three steps I discuss in my podcast:

  1. Take some time to write down what you believe your top strengths are as a performer.

  2. As you are practicing, figure out how you can best show off your strengths. What skills help you access the best in you?

  3. Notice what goes well. (Yes, you may also focus on the mistakes and fix them), but allow yourself to look at what went well FIRST. Ask yourself what you did to achieve a great intonation, a gorgeous sound color, or a poised phrasing.

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Following these three simple guidelines may help you access what’s great about you as a performer when you are under pressure.
This will give you a chance to perform at your potential and enjoy the process!


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