Episode 4: Interview with Trumpeter Ben Wright

September 26, 2012

This podcast features an interview with Benjamin Wright, the second trumpeter of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He shared some of his experiences taking around 20 auditions and also discussed what it’s like to be on an orchestra committee. This podcast also features a recording of Ben playing the Marcel Bitsch Etude #5.[...]

Episode 3: Strengths

January 03, 2023

This episode is all about strengths. As musicians we are not exactly used to talking about the positives in our playing. We are much more versed in noting and fixing what’s wrong. While practicing certainly requires to notice and fix mistakes, I am suggesting to try paying more attention to what’s going well during practice and in performance.[...]

Episode 2: Flow

July 26, 2012

Episode #2 is about Flow or “being in the zone,” which is a phenomenon widely researched by psychologist  Mihaliy Csikszentmihalyi. It’s an experience from which optimal performance can happen easily. This podcast discusses how to use the essential element of this theory (the balance between challenge and skill) to increase the quality and enjoyment of performing.


Episode 1: Podcast Intro

May 28, 2023

Here is my first episode, which is an introduction to the performance psychology podcast. You will get an overview of what’s to come and who I am. Please use the comment form for ideas, comments, or questions. Also, please visit my home page for more information about what I do or to contact me directly.


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