Imagery or visualization is a mental training technique that we can use to program our

mind and body to respond optimally under pressure. Because it is based on memory, it

is the perfect addition to regular practice, particularly for refining ideas or for memorization. Rather than nurturing those thoughts and visions that predict a poor performance or fill us with anticipatory anxiety, visualization is intended to sharpen our mind and focus on those strategies that help us perform our best.

Imagery is an excellent tool to virtually have dress rehearsals in unfamiliar performance settings and build a picture of an excellent performance under any circumstances. We can literally create a whole “movie” of an ideal performance in our minds, including our responses to different stimuli, emotional state and surroundings.

For some people doing imagery is easy, for others it is a struggle. The good thing is

that it does get easier and more controllable with practice.

The following suggestions were created to help you develop your own way to do

imagery. Some performers benefit greatly from a personalized imagery script that can

be read before pressure situations or during practice time.

These are some general guidelines:

• At first, keep it simple and short

• Create a script in your own words

• Get into relaxed state before doing imagery

• Do imagery real-time

• For long performances do imagery in chunks

• Include emotions

• Include all your senses

• Stay positive at all times

• Correct mistakes or unwanted emotions or thoughts

If you are interested in more information about visualization, please contact me.


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